Smadav is an anti-virus program that helps to completely clean your computer.

The program provides its services to continuously analyze the system to confront viruses and digital threats. All functions are available from a very transparent, tab-based user interface, where the main window is divided into sections: Scanner, Protection, Tools, and Administration.

In addition to online pest protection, we get a registry cleaning tool, which can come in handy in the case of a serious viral infection.

Download SmadAV 2021 is not a bad program, even it runs at very high speed and scans without slowing down your computer, if you are ready to stop using one of the great antivirus programs and want an easy-to-use and fast solution, you can test this program, as it provided good test results.

Features of Smadav Pro 2021 Free Download for PC

  • The latest version has been enriched with the ability to scan USB drives.
  • To start using it, just select the search mode you want to perform, between “Quick Scan”, “Full Scan”, “System Area” and “System Area (deep)”
  • It is possible to scan specific folders and directories and pass files separately, do this whenever you download something that might be suspicious.
  • If you are already using another anti-virus and are going to test the SmadAV download, don’t forget to stop the services of the SMADAV 2021 program, because opening two such applications at the same time can cause confusion and misdiagnosis. smadav antivirus 2021 free download for pc
  • After downloading smadav 2021 completely in Serial and when opening the program for the first time, it gives you the option to choose the language, make sure to select “English” before proceeding, otherwise it will appear in Indonesian by default.

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