SimpleMind Desktop Pro

SimpleMind Desktop Pro

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SimpleMind Desktop Simple tool to quickly draw different types of mind maps and align them to an easy-to-use interface, this is one of the best mind map design software available today.

Features of Download SimpleMind Desktop Pro

  • Downloading SimpleMind program for your computer for free with a direct link 2021 supports users through a variety of operations, effects, and vivid colors, and allows them to organize maps, manage and share their ideas on cloud services.
  • SimpleMind Desktop Downloader allows you to organize your ideas the way you want with a rich planning system that supports adding and moving topics, and linking topics.
  • Users can also access editing tools to remove unnecessary components, perform undo/redo to change details on the mind map, or copy or move topics.
  • Simple Mind Desktop also adds a Word wrap tool to adjust the size of topics.
  • SimpleMind Desktop Pro download supports inserting images or links by including them in charts or uploading them to cloud services.
  • SimpleMind Desktop 2021 mind map software has a rich system of icons, which helps you choose the integration to make the mind map more level.
  • If there are many different topics the program will also automatically enter serial numbers into the topics, and show or hide the topics if desired.
  • SimpleMind 2021 includes a spell check tool that has the ability to quickly check the spelling.
  • You can create chart types of unlimited sizes.
  • There are also tools for customizing colors, arrows show the relationship between ideas.
  • SimpleMind Desktop also helps you manage mind maps and organize them in a directory, or search maps by keywords or paragraphs.

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4.6 out of 5
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