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A lot of people suffer from the lack of CDs with a copy of Windows to straighten them out as CDs are now rare and replaced by the flash for ease of availability and because the storage space is higher but the copy of Windows can not be transferred to the flash without tools and programs to do this task and Rufus is a simple and light tool for transferring Windows Ali flash so we can install it on another device. So with this article, we offer download Rufus 2020.

Rufus 2021 program explained

  • You first download the application by clicking on the Rufus program for the program 2021 for free, with a direct link that we provide to you through this page.
  • Then you smooth out and open the tool.
  • Choose the location of the copy of Windows that you want to transfer on the computer.
  • Place the flash inside the device and it should be blank then choose the name of the flash in the program settings
  • Choose the Windows file format if it is ISO or any other format.
  • Start the process of transfer, and with this, the flash drive is ready to make the copy of Windows easy on any device.

Rufus Download Features

  • Program Rufus to burn Windows on flash size is very small not exceeding 2 MB.
  • The program does not need steps to smooth it, but you only press one button when downloading it.
  • The application is free.
  • The way to use Rufus is simple and easy, and you don’t need complicated steps to start the burning process, as in other programs.
  • The tool is open-source, meaning you can publish it to your own site or even sell it.
  • Rufus program for working on Windows on a USB flash allows you to move all operating systems on a flash (Windows – Linux – Mac).
  • The program issues new updates every period to solve problems.
  • Supports more than one Windows version, including ISO.
  • It works on all Windows systems starting from Windows XP and does not need any requirements to run.
  • Rufus 2019 burn in record time.
  • It has the advantage of allowing you to burn more than one copy of Windows or any other operating system on one flash at a time. You can now download Rufus 2021 to burn copies of Windows on a flash.

With all these features, the Rufus 2021 computer program has become one of the most important tools for transferring on the flash so that you do not need CDs again.

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