Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

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If you are trying to think of a set of office tools, then the name of the Microsoft Office suite definitely comes to mind, and Office 365 is one of the great versions of the package. We provide you with a Koiji website that has downloaded Office 365 free for free with a direct link Office 365 download free full version for windows 10 64 bit

The difference between the 2016 editions and the Microsoft Office 365 download

It depends on how you plan to use it, the time you spend on each app, your needs, etc. The classic version of this package (2013, 2016, etc.) is a fixed tool that will eventually end up on later versions. On the other hand, downloading Office 365 with a direct link provides the opportunity to always be kept informed of the latest features of the program, and also allows you to specify the amount of time you want to use or whether you want to install it on more computers so that you can work in another location.

What apps come with the Office 365 edition?

These are the tools we can find in the Office 365 suite of programs:

  • Word: You can open, edit, and create text documents with a professional end, which makes it the most popular feature that allows you to connect and share work with colleagues.
  • Excel: A spreadsheet application that enables you to handle, organize and format all your digital or text data.
  • PowerPoint: The best presentation creation tool to show off your work and ideas.
  • Outlook: An email client that integrates organizational functions and complements office work.
  • OneNote: The Evernote compatible note-taking app where you can organize all to-do lists or ideas that come to mind before surrender.
  • Access: Organize information in databases to make them more recoverable and accessible.
  • Publisher: It is a tool that allows us to give formatting to our publications.

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  1. downloading Office 365 with a direct link provides the opportunity to always be kept informed of the latest features of the program

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