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Google Earth is a three-dimensional copy of the globe, made possible by all millions of photos thanks to the satellites, as the orbiting satellites constantly capture new images of the regions that are added to the database, and as a result, users can enlarge almost anywhere in the world, Without having to go there.

Zooming in or out can make users close enough to see flowers at their own door, while miniaturization can display the ground as a total field.

Features of the program

  • The service has been expanded to offer much more than just a global exploration; now users can add their own photos or create a project that locates multiple locations around the world.
  • Projects can be shared or changed from any device, as they are stored in Google Drive.
  • However, the most impressive feature might be the Google “feel lucky” button. After clicking the button, users are taken to a completely random area of ​​the planet and receive a large amount of information about this specific site.
  • In short, Google Earth does an excellent job of reproducing the planet in a 3D model and showing how wonderful the different regions of the world are.
  • Google Earth operates from a satellite positioning system that allows you to consult inaccessible regions and large cities. For this, the tool provides the user with a time indicator that allows for a timely return thanks to the images stored in the program.
  • Google Earth is primarily associated with 3D modeling software, as the collaboration between the two created realistic 3D images of cities, neighborhoods, and buildings around the world.
  • Scientists realize that the program represents a major breakthrough, meaning that one can have a clearer view of the planets and satellites.

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