Garden Planner

Garden Planner

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2021 Garden Planner is a program for fans of a farm design app, the program allows the user to create, simulate and plan the look of the space around a home.

We provide you with a free download of the Garden Planner program for the computer, with a direct link in the latest version of 2020

The Garden Planner 2021 design software program works with Windows, GNU / Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems, and there is also a version that can be run from a web browser.

The garden is designed with a comfortable interface. All the basic editing functions are at our disposal. We can find:

  • For graphic objects in several modes (line, geometric shape, curve, freeform outline).
  • Manage layer properties.
  • Garden planner download provides you to measure distance and area (built-in screen ruler).
  • Support undo and redundancy operations.
  • Rotate, scale, copy, duplicate, block and move objects.
  • Adjust the relative position of the elements.
  • Add text stickers.
  • Edit shape properties (title, colors).

another features in Download Garden Planner 2021 Garden Planner

  • One of the biggest advantages of the app: Support for an extensive library of ready-to-use objects, divided into thematic categories: (trees, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, buildings, paths, garden equipment, walls, fences, pillars, general-use objects, vehicles, characters, symbols, etc.)
  • Users can easily upload their own skins.
  • Another important function of the program is the attached planning module, as it displays information about the elements used and which allows you to attach notes.
  • We also offer you to download the Garden Planner software garden planner free download

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