Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

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Microsoft Office is the most famous office suite in the world, to the point that it managed to become a standard in this field, and despite that, many programs were launched to compete with Microsoft in this field, and one of them is Apache OpenOffice.

Today we offer you to download the Apache OpenOffice program for the computer for free, with a direct link

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Similar to Microsoft Office, Apache Open Office includes several programs, namely:

Writer: It is the to Microsoft Word, as it allows us to create and edit text, as well as format or export documents to PDF or HTML without the need for additional software or anything else.

Calc: Similar to Excel, Calc provides the inherent features of this type of software, in addition to other features that Microsoft tools do not provide, such as some functions performed with charts.

Impress: It is an alternative to PowerPoint, where you can create presentations and export them to SWF format, so that they can be played on any device that has Flash installed, however, this program is compatible with the PPT format, and it can also create PDF files.

Base: This application can be used to create and manage databases, forms, and other similar tasks. Draw: This editor is an image similar to Microsoft Visio, as it allows us to create distinct diagrams.

  • Mathematics: This application allows us to create and edit mathematical equations.
  • We offer you to download the Apache OpenOffice program for the computer for free

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