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VidMate app is one of the distinct applications for downloading various videos from websites, and it is best suited for downloading videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Soundcloud, and others.

Through the VidMate application, you can choose the quality of the downloaded clips when viewing them, as well as choose the format in which the clips are uploaded, and the videos can be saved in the user’s library and arrange the clips by date.

Advantages of downloading the 2021 VidMate app

  • Support for downloading movies without limits, a feature that allows downloading the latest movies from different sources and of different quality, including the famous Hollywood and Bollywood films.
  • The availability of a different quality of download reaches the highest quality in music, by supporting half a million high-quality songs, and from completely different countries and regions in many languages.
  • HD video clips, as VidMate application allows search through quality to choose HD quality videos only for downloading from different sites, from popular video sites or from non-specialized sites that offer videos such as matches.
  • The ability to download various TV programs from its official channels.
  • Multiple download support, as more than one video clip can be uploaded at the same time.
  • The ability to stop and resume downloading without losing data or the source of the download.
  • VidMate app includes more than 200 live TV channels in multiple languages ​​for movies, sports, music and entertainment, and in a number of languages.
  • There are shortcuts for more than 20 sites on the main interface of the application, and other shortcuts for favorite sites can be added on the main page.

General features of the VidMate app

  • The ability to download music videos from all video sites and applications except YouTube.
  • The ability to choose the quality and type of video uploaded, depending on available space and internet speed used for downloading.
  • Support most languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, and non-famous languages ​​such as Hindi and Bengali.

Disadvantages of the VidMate application

VidMate application cannot be used to download videos from YouTube application or site.

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