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Download Uplive for Android 2020, Uplive is a live video streaming application, an application that is concerned with the communication between live video photographers and each other, as it is considered one of the popular social media applications.

Uplive uses millions of users around the world, gets to know what they think, what they do, and it is also a great app for streaming soccer matches.

Download the new up live 2021 app and the Uplive app featuring creative direct broadcasting, which is through the user exposing himself on the live broadcast in several sections within the application which are “luxury gifts, adventure lovers, sports, smart beauty, and hip-hop artists.”

Uplive application features

  • Simultaneous translation to all parts of the world, where through the application Uplive can talk with others, with real-time translation of the chat with the push of a button.
  • Uplive offers great gifts, most of which are animated gifts, and they are mood-enhancing gifts.
  • Uplive allows direct recording of short videos that are considered specific programs.
  • Uplive access as a gaming center, where you can have a relaxing time watching live broadcasts, and taking a break in Game Center with a variety of games.
  • Various and direct live shows through the Uplive app, where the application displays millions of videos for talented broadcasters, music talents, various dialogues, and videos for cooking and comedy.

Uplive features as a social platform

  • The Uplive app is an integrated platform for social communication, and it is also possible to share videos on other media by sharing your direct videos via Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • The ability to re-watch your favorite videos through the Uplive application, after watching them.
  • The Uplive app completes interactions with users, where videos can be shared within the app, and communicate with other users within dedicated chat and chat rooms.
  • Share daily video events on the platform continuously.

New features added to the Uplive 2021 app

  • Adding new games to the game center of the app live.
  • Additional rewards for Uplive users.
  • Added many improvements to the recorded videos.

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