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Mobile devices have sparked a boom in photo and video editing apps, offering all kinds of tools of this kind. In addition, many of them combine with features that basically turn them into social networks, as is the case with Instagram to share our creations online.

But what is TikTok?

Within the category of video editors with social features, here is a fairly generic version, it gives us Android and iPhone versions, and it allows us to create all kinds of videos with the music of our choosing, and we can later share within the same app or via social networks and chat apps like WhatsApp.

With short 15-second videos for people to record their humorous moments or lip-sync, TikTok offers you a social media revolution, it’s a real craze on both Android and iPhone.

What are the main features of the TikTok app

  • There are millions of videos that you can explore by yourself or play as per the recommendations provided by the app.
  • Follow the millions of content creators that belong to this user group.
  • Create your own videos and add the music of your choice regardless of your preferred style.
  • 100+ Stickers, Emojis, and Filter support.
  • Several categories to search for videos.
  • Features of Tik Tok application
  • TikTok for Android is designed for young people who love to be creative.
  • All in all, the TikTok Android entertainment app is an unprecedented video social network for active and creative youth. TikTok developer has always wanted to make creative minds part of the app’s content revolution.
  • Pushing the creative potential of users to new heights and opening up a world of endless possibilities
  • Accounts, videos, and followers available to all users on musical.ly automatically switch to the new TikTok app.
  • Tik Tok for Android is easy to use and low on system resources.
  • The “Reaction” feature allows users to interact with videos of friends.

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