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Root Browser File Explorer 2021 By default, Android includes a file manager that can fulfill most of our requests when it comes to supporting files and folders, but it is not as complete and comprehensive as we would like, that’s why we may want to download Root Browser File Explorer, an application that gives us more freedom And a number of built-in functions give us full control of everything stored on your smartphone or tablet.

We will list the most important functions of the program because if we compare it with the native management application in our operating system (even in Android 8.0), Root Browser File Explorer is much better.

One of the advantages of downloading root browser file explorer for Android 2020

  • Root browser file explorer 2021 supports two file management panels.
  • The Root Prozer File Explorer 2021 app also allows you to copy and paste files or delete or move a file or folder.
  • Work with different types of attachments and formats: ZIP, RAR, JAR … etc.
  • Change permissions and properties.
  • Root Browser File Explorer enables you to view, open, and edit any file.
  • Root Brother File Explorer enables you to create new folders.
  • Send files by e-mail.
  • Add to any folder.
  • Run scripts.
  • Sort according to different criteria like name, size, and date.
  • Searching files and folders.

Requirements and additional information

Although Root Browser File Explorer can be downloaded for free to use all its features, you must first register as a user using the in-app purchase, you will also need a rooted Android phone because some of its features are only available if you have superuser privileges.

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4.6 out of 5
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