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Today, QR codes appear almost everywhere, on billboards, bus stations, magazines, product covers, commodities and food .., The content inside this code usually includes the manufacturer’s contact information, so Qr code reading apps have been created.

QR Reader for Android helps users check bar codes everywhere and it’s completely free, if you want to be a smart consumer then download QR Reader and use it for Android now.

Features of the QR Reader app

  • QR Reader for Android will help you convert your smartphone into a professional QR reader and you will find it the best and most user-friendly app.
  • QR Reader for Android has a very simple use; users simply need to open the camera built into the app, then move it to the product’s QR code. Immediately, this tool will scan, determine and display the information for you.
  • The Android QR reader automatically saves the data to the log page, users do not need to press the button, take a picture or resize the image.
  • After opening the QR code, the app also offers many options like searching for special products, websites, or data related to some QR codes or bar codes so that users can make more informed and correct decisions.
  • With the QR Reader app you can create your own QR codes for contacts and bookmarks to let your friends scan them using their devices without typing.
  • Share information with friends, colleagues and family anywhere.
  • Get instant alerts when QR codes contain dangerous links that lead users to harmful websites.
  • This app opens any type of information quickly and in an organized way via direct buttons for actions such as opening the map to show an address or even adding a contact quickly. All this is done for free and without ads, which is capable of attracting a lot of positive attention as well.

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4.5 out of 5
172 ratings

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