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With Popcorn Buzz app, you can now make group phone calls with a number of your friends up to hundreds of friends around the world, this application is available for all Android devices, and is available with a link to download the Popcorn Buzz application directly and for free in the apk format.

About Popcorn Buzz

With it, you can talk to friends and family, and make plans with all your club members and many, many more, and it is a great and distinctive alternative to other famous applications such as Emo, Skype and Soma Messenger, as well as a good alternative to paid applications that provide the feature of conference calls with friends and family. Bose all the services that are used on both levels, whether personal or business.

Popcorn Buzz app download features

The application is characterized by many advantages and characteristics that made it more widespread and popular among users around the world and among these following features:

  • The application is available in a number of languages ​​including Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish, Indonesian, and other languages ​​that exceed 20 international languages.
  • The ability to make free conference calls to a group of up to 200 people.
  • With the 2021 Popcorn Buzz program, you can make phone calls without knowing your caller ID.
  • You can easily invite anyone by sending the .url link
  • The app is developed by Corporation (Line, B612 and allows you to directly call and talk to your friends and family as part of a group.
  • You can add up to 200 friends and family on any phone call you make.
  • The only thing required to use the Popcorn Buzz app is that this app is installed on the devices of all other users that you want to communicate with, but it is not necessary that Line is installed on the same available device in order to use it.
  • Popcorn Buzz app interface enables you to easily invite any contact you have on your Android device, and you can also easily use other apps to invite your friends to talk to them.

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4.3 out of 5
20 ratings

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