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Download the Google Play program, the latest version for Android 2020. If you are one of the smart electronic devices working with the Android system, you have undoubtedly heard about Google Play, which is the online store created by Google to sell private digital products that work on the Android operating system.

Download the Google Play 2021 application Download the Google Play store Many people may think that the Google Play application is a store that specializes in buying and downloading Android programs and applications only, but in fact, it is an electronic store that contains many other digital products such as books, magazines, audiobooks, videos, etc., It also contains applications for sites and institutes, and we can mention the application of the Institute of the Prophet’s inheritance for example.

Download Google Play Store app

And the Google Play app has many features that make it easier for people wanting to buy different products through several options offered by the Google Play Store to its users. Download google play program for Android 2018.

By logging in to the store via Google’s email, this store will be customized so that the digital products that are displayed on the store’s homepage are compatible with your different interests through suggesting applications based on your country and previous purchases you have made in addition to your assessments of the applications that you have You try it, and likewise, it is suggested some applications that your friends have installed or evaluated.

Google Play program for mobile

While browsing applications and other products through the Google Play Store, you can add any of them to a special list of products that you want to buy at a later time, in the event that purchasing them requires an amount of money that is not currently available or you do not want at the moment to install it, even if it is free.

As for if you bought a new phone or any other device, your shopping list will be available in your own list and you will only need to carry out the process of re-downloading it to the new device after logging in with your Google account.

Google Play talk program

Despite the proliferation of many electronic stores for unofficially publishing Android applications such as the Mobo Market application and the Mobogenie application, the Google Play program remains significantly different from others, especially by notifying you of the compatibility of the application or game that you want to download if it is compatible with your mobile phone Or your tablet computer, download the Google Play Store program, you will be assured that you are installing these applications from a reliable source, as Google periodically checks the applications on the store and makes sure that it is free of malware and that may cause harm to you.


Download the google play store program for Android, the latest version for more security and to ensure the amount of privacy that each application may want to install through the Google Play store, you have been notified of all the information that the application or game can access, such as names, pictures or the site, to be on Prior knowledge that this application will access that information.

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