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Download Google Chrome browser for Android with a direct link to the latest version of Google Chrome application Google Chrome, is the smartphone application from the browser of Google Inc. “Chrome”, which is the easiest browser application.

Google Chrome is a safe and fast browser, and it can also be considered the best browser for personalization, as its main page shows articles and news appropriate for the user and from his favorite sites.

Google Chrome app birth date

Downloading Chrome 2020, Google developers started thinking about creating a company’s browser, after problems surfaced while working on “Google Gear”, as it was difficult to use browsers that use a single thread to perform all their operations, i.e. browsers that support one task.

The problem developers faced meant that other browsers were shutting down as soon as the phone needed to run Javascript in another work.

The developers invented the “Google Chrome” browser and launched the beta version for the Windows operating system on October 7, 2009, and then launched a trial version in the same year for Mac and Linux operating systems, and supported the browser during the first year in 43 different languages.

Google Chrome application features

  • Fast and easy navigation, as the application shows search results quickly, and the user does not need to type search words as the application uses the autofill feature.
  • Hidden Browsing Features, a mode that allows the user to browse without saving pages, search results, or even search words.
  • Sync between Google Chrome application and the browser across other devices, since once logged in, the full synchronization of passwords and bookmarks is completed. Settings for all browsers are automatically set, and the sync allows the application to easily access information.
  • Access to the best content for the user, thanks to the use of the application registered in it, the application can know the favorite contents through the sites that the user has previously accessed and customize the news or the content that the user welcomes.
  • Touch search feature, which is a feature that allows the user to start a search with words by touching it only on any of the web pages through the application “Google Chrome” without closing the web page.
  • Safe Browsing is a feature offered by the application “Google Chrome” where you can enable the Safe Browser to display various warnings when moving to unsafe sites, or unsafe files.
  • Voice Search, a feature within the Chrome app that enables a user to search by speaking search words without having to type those words through the browser, which is one of the facilities that enables the user to interact with the Internet while on the move.
  • Integration between Google Chrome and translation, where full web pages can be translated via Google Chrome without leaving the page.
  • Providing Internet data, Google Chrome offers the ability to save Internet data by choosing to save data.
  • Display web pages and videos without an internet connection, as one of the features of the Google Chrome application is the display of previously accessed pages as well as videos that were previously viewed so that the user can view them again “Offline”.

Features recently added to the Google Chrome 2021 app

  • Prevent videos from being auto-played, annoying users, and consumes a lot of internet data.
  • Read news and articles online, as the application automatically downloads pages of news and articles similar to the user’s interests when connected to the Wi-Fi network, and reopens it when not connected to the Internet.
  • Site Isolation feature, which is to protect the phone from viruses, which can be accessed through the browser application, as the application opens sites in a separate process on the processor to be isolated from the phone to create a new phone firewall.
  • URL shortening feature, which is a feature to shorten web addresses to automatically shorten when sharing them with other users of the application, from the application’s Settings menu.
  • Blocking annoying ads, a feature to block ads while browsing various websites.

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