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ChineseSkill is a truly amazing, impressive and effective mobile app designed for beginners to learn Chinese, there is no compulsion to create an account and offline educational materials can be downloaded; the only obstacle before us may be that learning is not possible from Arabic, but you can learn From English, Spanish or Portuguese.

ChineseSkill 2021 application download tutorial

After downloading the chineseskill apk app, we have up to 8 different sections. The start screen is a lesson that starts with the basics and learn words like “people”, “man” and “woman”.

We will solve tests and draw characters, as well as write word translations (such as English).

We will earn points and advance to the next levels that require passing the previous levels.

Downloading Learn Chinese 2021 will teach you Chinese very enjoyably, as you will deal with flashcards, for example, after displaying the Chinese word, we will determine its degree of absorption by choosing the next repeat time, and this may happen in less than a minute (when we do not link the word at all ), 10 minutes or 4 days (when we know the word well).

In the other sections there are distinct lessons and groups of vocabulary, in addition to a comfortable list of phrases for travelers, and a list of Chinese characters with the ability to learn to spell, there is also an option to practice pronunciation.


  • Online mode is required for full functionality.
  • It is optional to download materials for offline reading, it is only optional to set up an account via the email address or via Google or Facebook data. In return, you will be able to track your learning progress and compare it with your friends.
  • There are premium lessons that require a subscription.

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4.5 out of 5
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