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Busuu is an app available among other things for Android mobile devices, used to learn foreign languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish.

Features of Busuu download for Android for free with direct link

  • Busuu app can be found on the web at Busuu.com.
  • Busuu language learning program contains more than 150 topics of daily life and more than 3000 words and phrases.
  • Learning with Busuu is essentially about learning the basics with a variety of materials: dialogue recordings, interactive quizzes, and grammar.
  • It is possible to send your workouts to the Busuu community, where native language users will help improve the skills they need (you can also go the other way: help others by improving their workouts).

Learn more about the benefits of downloading Busuu 2021 language education program for Android

  • After downloading the busuu apk app for Android, select the language you want to learn, then register on the site.
  • It is possible to set up an account via email address, but also through our data from the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and Google+. Then choose the level of development (for English they are: A1, A2 (initial), B1, B2 (intermediate).
  • After downloading busuu for Android we get points (busuu-berries) to solve subsequent tasks, so the app also tries to motivate us to learn by using gamification (gamification).
  • We don’t have to solve tasks with just one level of progression, and we can choose any of them and move freely between them.
  • We are always offered the option of learning a reminder: You can set the exact time and days of the week when we receive the appropriate alert. Not all tasks are available in the free version, but you will have many options after purchasing the paid version.


  • Registration required; this can be done via Facebook, Google+, or email address.
  • Internet connection is required to download the lessons.

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